Friday, March 27, 2009

Bara Brith

Life is very exciting in Thrupp at the moment because a Tea Shop is about to open! Annie makes the most glorious cakes (so I am told), and I LOVE cakes - who doesn't! There are heaps of walkers strolling around Thrupp all through the year to admire the picturesque canal and embark upon some of the glorious walks to ruined manner houses, town churches, or through the fields. Thrupp is a paradise. Not only that but there is a good stretch of railway line with a good view of the steam trains as they go through. Thrupp is glorious. A tea shop will be a perfect addition to the area.

Last night I was given a cake - my favourite cake - Bara Brith. I just LOVE it. Bara Brith is a Welsh fruitcake that is delicious on its own or with a thick layer of butter spread accross it. At the mothers unions cake sales I would switch on my Bara Brith homeing device and snap it up before anyone else could and woe to anyone that thought they might like it instead!

So, my task - try it... and give feedback. YUMMMY.
I wonder if I will be able to try all the cakes they will be having for sale in the tea shop... like.. my next favourite... coffee and walnut cake....

I cannot wait for this place to open. It will be glorious and there is nothing so quantisantially English (other than the list of other things I can think of) than tea and cake on a spring afternoon.


Blogger Jill and Graham said...

Just make sure there are no orange bits!

5:04 PM  
Blogger Keith and Jo said...

It looks like I may have some competition LOL. The Bara Brith looks fab. I have not made one of those for ages...
Now stop reading this and get your boat ready for the Boat Safety.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

delightful! I can't wait to visit next and eat scrummy....cakes? I don't like many cakes...will she make cheese scones?!

12:58 PM  

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