Thursday, March 19, 2009

An evening with Matilda Rose

We knew where we were going because I had looked at the map. I knew we turned right after the road that we went down a few months ago. Easy… well, it would have been if I had the right village. Not to worry, I was only one village out and within no time at all we were wondering down the tow path towards the dim lights of Matilda Rose wondering why on earth we never bring a torch with us.

What a welcome we received from Graham and Jill! We had met Graham when he was lost on the towpath – he only popped out for some milk, bumped into us and ended up nattering for ages with Maffi about the RAF. We didn’t get to meet Jill, and they were heading north so it looked like we wouldn’t see them again for a long time, but then they headed south again…. so finally, last night, we have met Jill – and she is simply adorable! I took rather a shine to Mutley, but I wasn’t allowed to bring him home which was a great shame. Graham and Jill are very easy going, great to chat to, and I instantly felt at home. They are superb entertainers too!

What a fantastic evening with some fantastic people. The food was absolutely delicious – full of flavour; a culinary version of a symphony orchestra; Jill was rather surprised that it all turned out so well, as I gather her cooking is a bit of a ‘surprise’; this was a fantastic success and the pie actually stood up and didn’t promptly collapse and make a sharp exit off the work top as she had expected. Graham made the most delicious carrot cake for us which I tucked into until I realised it had Orange peel in it (which I am allergic to) so I had to stop eating it… but it was worth it – AND I didn’t puke! Hurrah.

Matilda Rose is a glorious boat. It has dog biscuits in the laundry shoot, a swanky bucket in the ablution room (far posher than my blue number that was vetoed by the masses), loads of LEDs, and loads of space. Maffi hasn’t stopped drooling over it!

Thank you guys for a fabulous evening, it was great fun and lovely to meet you both!


Blogger Jill and Graham said...

Hi Guys, we had a spiffing time too, hopefully we can do it again in the future, you were great guinea pigs, although thats me nearly everyday with Jill's cooking. Mo and V send their regards, we had tea and coffee with them this afternoon, they also liked my Carrot Cake!

7:42 PM  
Blogger Mo said...

Watch out there's a Balmaha about, coming your way Weds 25th going south.

Hope to catch up with you if you're around.

Mo and V

5:25 PM  

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