Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Picture Book

An early morning start up at the water point in Thrupp followed by a trip down the Oxford, through Shuttleworth lock and round through Dukes Lock onto the Thames.

I love the sight of agricultural machinery at work:

Milly M looked fabulous surrounded by the greenery near drink water lift bridge

Out onto the Thames and we caught up with Apollo again

I like Apollo - they have a gorgeous dog with eyebrows, and Mrs Apollo is a delight. We met up with them at the water point in Thrupp before we set off.

We had intended to stop at Godstow for a walk and a late afternoon BBQ, but we couldn't moor up as the edge was so shallow. We carried on down to Osney instead.
I was amused to see this 'no mooring' sign outside the Perch at Binsey. Just to the left of the mooring pontoon is another sign that says 'mooring' but it is for small boats or cruisers, certainly not narrowboats

Osney bridge is VERY low, and this is a sight you will often see if you cruise with Milly M:

Maffi running up the roof to take his chimney off!


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As long as it is only his chimney.

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