Sunday, March 22, 2009


Unfortunately I was hopelessly unwell on Sunday and couldn't drive my boat home - I had expected to be left, but PJ and Maffi devised a plan. Jolly good job because my loo was full and I really wasn't at all well!

PJ breasted my boat to his up the Thames, and then from Shuttleworth onwards he towed it all the way up to Thrupp. Maffi and PJ did a fantastic job as I lay in state on Maffi's boat being poorly.

I looked out of the window as we approached Godstow lock and saw Bones creeping up along side Ocelot - it was a really grand sight!


Blogger Captain Ahab said...

Im sorry you have been unwell - I have missed your posts over the last few days.

9:40 PM  

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