Wednesday, June 11, 2008

St Helen's Church Abingdon Again

I had another email from the churchwarden, a much nicer email this time suggesting somewhere else I could try for access to a piano. This rather tickles me pink. St Helen's has three pianos; one in the church hall, and two in the main church (one a baby grand, and one a plug in). They were probably bought with money from the congregation. I can play none of them, yet they think I might be able to play the one piano that is somewhere else, in an area that is more likely to disturb people, and not actually owned by the church.

This time the piano is in a rather more public place and would be played when other people were trying to work, or relax in an area of retreat, which I am not sure I am comfortable with for obvious reasons. The person I spoke to was exceptionally pleasant and a delight to talk to; what a completely different experience to that of the local church (you know, that place that is welcoming and an example of Christ)! Not only did they want to know when I might want to play the piano, but also the sort of music I might play. They were aware I would be practicing, and were still accommodating which is simply staggering in comparison. They even suggested I went in to discuss my needs/their needs to see whether we can come to an arrangement.


Anonymous grahoom said...

Hello Bones,

not sure if this will be of interest. but the Church in Binsey, St Margaret has an organ in it that people are allowed to play (it has a little sign on it saying that you can play it),_Oxfordshire

Also, there is a well in the church grounds, and some goats next to the church.

11:08 AM  

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