Friday, May 02, 2008

Licence Fiasco

There is often a licence fiasco when people apply for Gold Licences at the beginning of the year, and the delay and hassle of getting BW to post mine out was not unique. I was pleased when it eventually arrived in February. I was not so pleased when someone from the EA pointed out that my licence plate didn't have my boat name OR registration number on it, and nor was it registered with the EA. I emailed BW who have printed out the signs again and the correct licence is now in my posession. Unfortunately when I asked them to sort out the registration so I appear on the records as legal for the EA they (BW) told me that when my licence was issued the paper work was sent to the EA. If there is a problem the lock keeper is to phone the BW office, and they can confirm that I have a licence.

What a complete fiasco for going through the locks... and I wonder if BW are specifically employing someone to receive calls from lock keepers, out of normal office hours, confirming that people like me are legal. Surely a postage stamp is cheaper?


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