Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caught 'em - Balmaha

Finally I have managed to catch up with Balmaha! They sailed past yesterday morning when I was at work, but stopped fairly locally in the evening, so after some liaisons I took the opportunity to whizz over to Eynsham to meet them. I dragged Maffi along with me and into the sunset we drove. After some 'debate' over the toll bridge fee which kept us occupied for several minutes with him saying it was 20p and me telling him it was 5p, and him saying it was 20p and me... you get the picture.
Then after stumbling along the road and down the tow path I turned around just in time to catch Maffi falling down a hole - the look on his face was an absolute picture!!! I roared with laughter, which was a tad unfortunate because I could barely walk with the hysterics, and to top it off, he was most indignant - until he blew his cover when caught him giggling ! After a few threats of throwing me in we managed to compose ourselves in time to bang on the roof of Balmaha.

I really like the boat and Mo and Vanessa are quality! Thank you for a lovely evening, and stop by when you come back!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love them both. Fantastic people who have been kind to us.


4:23 PM  
Blogger Keith & Jo said...

Hi Mort, so please you finally got to meet Mo and Nessa. They are lovely people.
Hope all is well with you, give Maffi our love.
Jo x

1:14 PM  

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