Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maffi starts a new hobby

Yesterday morning Dusty was filling up Milly M with diesel when a woman failed to pick up after her dog. Dusty had a thing or two to say to her, but missed the bit where she said that picking up after ones dog is a bit controversial. I think she missed Maffi suggesting that there was nothing controversial about a 1000pound fine. (Actually it is 50pounds, but on prosecution it is 1000pounds).

So, there I was last night enjoying the company of the captain Milly M, when he started leaping up and down and chuntering to himself. After much ignoring of this strange behaviour I decided, out of interest for his well being, I should investigate further. After pretending to read for a while I heard ‘clear up’, ‘good girl’ and ‘nope, not done anything’ and ‘ooh, erm…. Nope’ then ‘bet she puts it in a tree’ then ‘nope’, followed by ‘that’s surprising’. Periodically during the evening he would leap up onto the front deck, and then make a hasty retreat, only to continue the process again.

It would appear that the mornings encounter lit a flame in Maffis heart for the inspection of the canine derrière. He has taken it upon himself to police the back end habits of the locals.


Blogger WeepingCross said...

That's a complete load of

6:30 PM  
Anonymous kh said...

He's been keeping his eye on derrieres for years, usually female ones. Dogs might be a significant change. oops " More tea, vicar?"

9:32 PM  

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