Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Looming Cruise

It has finally reached the time where I can count down the days until I take the boat out for a lovely cruise up the canal. I am thoroughly looking forward to being away with the wind in my hair rattling through the countryside. The first stop is Banbury where I will get the diesel and exhaust system overhauled by Tooleys Boatyard, and then up to the top of the southern Oxford for a boaters banter, and back down again. By the time I return my mooring in Thrupp will have finished, and I will be embracing my nomadic existence on the canal and river again flitting as the mood takes me. I am really looking forward to being out and about and exploring the area around the canal on my bicycle. I am also hoping to visit Cropredy Battlefields with a knowledgeable guide who can regale me with the historical events that it holds.


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