Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am visiting a friend, and they have a bathtub, I just love baths. The bathtub is heaven incarnate and it was with delight that I set time aside this morning to enjoy it thoroughly.

I turned off the taps and marvelled at the steam rising up from the now full bath tub; I was about to embark upon an act of cleanliness that makes my toes wiggle and heart beat faster. I stared at the swirling waters in great anticipation of the dirt and grime being eased from my pores as I immersed myself in its waters forcing the tension in my muscles to give in to the penetrating heat. The mere therapy of staring in such anticipation takes years off one.

I dabbled my toe several times (and eeked a few times) until the temperature was perfect and I lowered myself into the steaming waters relaxation.

The problem with really hot baths is they replace your muscles with jelly and turn ones skin purple. I can't possibly go out until I have resumed my normal complexion.


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