Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moley is 50

I have been suffering from much excitement as the year has progressed, and February as passed, for on Saturday I went to a birthday banter at Stoke Bruene to celebrate Moleys 40+10 birthday. Banters are something of a regular occurrence on canal world forums, and I have been to several including this and this, but a birthday banter is a first. As a result it was an invitation only, fully paid up bash. A wonderful opportunity to put names to faces of forum friends, some who I had met, and some who I hadn't. Amazingly enough, these occasions are always fun and resemble a gathering of old friends rather than strangers. Moleys bash was no exception. There were 40 or so of us in the dining room, and as I looked around I wondered if there had ever been a time where I had been surrounded by so many clearly highly intelligent nutters in a social manner. Probably not. Maffi was even heard to say he wished he hadn't been so rude on line to one of them because 'he's a really nice guy'. This is so true. Forums are often geeky, and people who enter the scene are regarded as low life no-hopers who have no social life who lack social skills. Once again a bunch of boaters in the flesh shoots this theory to pieces at dawn with a pink elephant who has a penchant for buns.

You may remember that I mentioned a visit to the Moles last year; a lovely family to say the least. Thus to be invited to help celebrate Moles half century, and the beginning of the next was nothing short of an honour. The evening was exceptional, great fun, and quirky - why wouldn't it be, you should see them all! You can see other peoples accounts of the evening here: Warriorwomen, Epiphany and Maffi

Fuzzy Duck reminded me of Lock Boy but with a scarier looks in his eye, and it was good to catch up with Eugene. I finally met WarriorWomen albeit briefly, and marvelled at Carlts hands. BigRoj was not alone in thinking I was a bloke until we met (I forgot to beat him - must do that), and I always enjoy seeing Mr and Mrs Bottle. Bazza, who I had met at Crick, looked completely different, and having run through a few names I finally gave in - but was so amazed when he told me who he was that he suddenly found himself in a bear hug (you know, that traditional greeting for old friends). He coped admirably (it took me a while to realise I should have better control over myself and curtsy at people!) ! Chris JW has a great nose - and lovely boat, and Wrigglefingers has socks to die for. I did pop over to see Keeping Up and Pingu the following day and noticed that Wrigglefingers was knitting a new pair. Daniel is still a lovely young man, a pleasure to meet, and I was delighted with the marigolds that the bullfrogs gave me! Everyone made an impression upon me - especially Baldocks new hair cut. Actually, I had best not mention everyone or we will be here forever! I still think I won the who can get their foot on their head the highest competition with Victoria (Sponge) but a re-match may be in order.

In summary, a fantastic evening of quick wit and laughter. Thank you Mole. Happy Birthday and may you have another half century full of fabulous fun and cheer.


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