Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sore Foot

I belong to a canal forum, and periodically we meet up for a 'boaters banter'. These occassions have proved to be really good fun. This sunday we all met at Thames Court near Shepperton Lock on the River Thames, for a lazy afternoon by the riverside. At the banter I was so overcome by kissing a forum member on his arrival that I swept my glass of lemonade off the table in the excitement; thankfully it wasn't full. I decided to use my foot to sweep the glass away from the 'aisle' before going to get a dustpan and brush. I lost my balance and fell on the side of my ankle which already has weak ligaments. I rested yesterday in a kind of trying to walk around without grabbing the nearest person for balance kind of way, and by the evening I had mastered the 'I look as though I have wet myself' selubrious walk. I was told by some to rest, and others to walk, so I decided this morning that i would pop along to our walk in centre (cue hiliarious laughing) for some advice. Despite protestations on my part, I have to return to their x-ray department shortly to check whether it is broken or not.

On a plus side, I went to Snowy Farrs funeral on friday which was a joyeous affair (he lived until he was 88, and was much loved), and I was fortunate enough to be given his top hat, fez (is that the right spelling!?) and red jacket. I am now fully kitted out in stylish boating geer and can't wait to set sail and get cruising again!


Anonymous Sean said...

I never knew that Speckled Hen made lemonade.

9:44 AM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

you learn something new every day!

10:06 AM  

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