Monday, February 25, 2008

Punting Bilges Diesel

I recently learnt that I can get diesel from the club whose moorings I am wintering on. Apparently mooring there makes me a temporary member, and thus I can enjoy all the perks – including diesel at cost. Having run out of water, and filled the loo, I decided it was time to take the boat round to the maintenance point and fill up and empty the appropriate bits. I have no diesel so the engine doesn’t start, so I decided to punt it round; something I found to be much easier than I thought. No problem – even one handed. Bones is now back in ship shape and ready for its trip up the Oxford, in a few weekends time, to have the exhaust and diesel system sorted out. I am also hoping my sense of humour returns!

It took quite some time to bleed the system, but eventually the engine roared into life. Very rewarding. I am really looking forward to heading away from Thrupp in 3 weeks time, it will be good to be out on the open seas again.


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