Friday, February 15, 2008

Bilges and engine rooms

My bilges, as I am sure you can imagine, are a wreck. They have needed cleaning for quite sometime, but now they really need cleaning. In March I am going to take the boat up to Tooleys boat yard so they can fix the pipework and exhaust system, and then I will head off on a 10day holiday. I intend to spend some of this time down the bilges scraping and cleaning.

Sometime ago I contacted a company asking them about their bilge paint product and they very kindly said they would send me some samples, this was quite some time ago, but I have given up hope that any will arrive.

Something else I need to do is re-design my engine room into a more usable space. I have done this once, and built a prototype out of 2x2; it has worked quite well, but I need to do something about making it more permanent and adding cupboards.

Something I have noticed when looking through books or magazines about boats is that there is very little focus on the most interesting room in the boat - the engine room. Thus, my ideas are rather limited. So if you see me peering into your trad stern at the engine room you know why!

Feel free to email me pictures of your engine bay!


Blogger Miss T said...

Filthy pictures...tut, tut. Surely the state of one's bilges should be private!

12:32 PM  
Blogger Whitewater said...

You can come and look at my "engine room" any time.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous bottle said...

Hi Bones

I am sure you will not but please do not go any where near the bilges or the engine until your hand is totally healed.

When you do perhaps you should contact the local disaster planning officer, he will be at the local council offices. ;)

4:02 PM  
Anonymous kh said...

Do you think that the lack of bilge & engine room design feature in Horse and Hound or Country Life may be as a reult of your individualistic approach to these areas. Possibly a change in your reading material options maybe in order.

As lady of all you survey maybe a subscription to Practical Boat Builder might be more practical. I don't think they do one called " Destroy your own Narrow Boat"

Although after recent episodes I can think of few people better qualified.

As MissT says I think I would totally horrified at the thought of revealing to you the state of my Bilges or Engine room.

So, I'm sorry you will have to get your pictures from other site on the net.

Outraged of Calne

11:11 AM  
Blogger Bruce in Sanity said...


some pics of Sanity's engine room under construction here:



4:03 PM  
Blogger Area D said...

My engine room:

7:48 PM  

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