Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who's that then?

Quick sketch - marker pen on paper.


Anonymous Mukiwa said...

Good likeness of Maffi. What is he sucking his ponytail for? Did you do it?

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

clever bones!!!! a good likeness,


5:49 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

I like it. What does Maffi think?

7:36 PM  
Anonymous kh said...

Yes it is an excellent likeness.----- who is it?

You weren't expecting serious only answers were you?

Seriously though, your cat looks great.


9:03 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

Mukiwa - yes! Not sure where that big black bit came from really - must have got distracted by a duck or something!

Thanks Free! =o)

Lorna - he does.

KH - I am delighted that you recognise it as my cat - everyone else thought it was Maffi - strange people.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Alistair said...

Astonishing. Fred couldn't believe that you'd remembered her after all this time :)

10:01 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

oooh I do love Fred. How is she?

10:30 PM  
Anonymous mt said...

kh is my hero :)

although it is quite good,rolf could do better :}

1:30 AM  

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