Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Skippity do dar skippity day

I won't advertise where and how (yet), but a very very kind person has promised to send me some Fertan to do my engine bay with.


When I was mincing around the engine room at the weekend I noticed the need for another serious bout of time down there removing loose rust, treating it, and painting it. Fertan was recommended to me, and when I have tried it I will report back.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the job - it is bound to be awkward, messy and take a while. Many Thanks indeed to Baldock for enlightening me to the approximate area I will need to tackle in my engine bay. Hurrah!

I can't wait. All offers of making me tea while I do it will be processed and successful applications will be allotted an interview time.

Hurrah! I am feeling most uplifted as a result.


Blogger Halfie said...

Well, I hope you have more success with Fertan than I had with Steel Seal. Don't let me put you off, though, as they are two different products. I poured mine into the cooling system of my daughter's diesel-engined Renault Clio in an attempt to "cure" a blown head gasket. It cost me £32, a day's leave, and another £200 of garage bill - and it didn't work. I'd allowed myself to be taken in by all the testimonials on their website. Don't suppose they'll publish my less than glowing one!

Back to your task: it takes me back to the days when I applied Kurust to my rusty old cars. Used to spend ages doing it, then filling and painting ... the rust always came through again! As I said - don't let me put you off!

9:39 PM  

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