Friday, January 04, 2008

Glorious Weekends

I do so love these dull misty mornings! I keep looking out of the office window wondering whether there will be snow tomorrow so I can build a snowman. The suspense is delicious.

As it is I will be spending a lovely day tomorrow sorting out my engine room. This winter has been quiet so far, and I have done very little on the boat other than tidy and clear out. Despite spending quite a lot of time on the latter, I am still a maximalist – it will take quite sometime before there is room to navigate around the boat without tripping over books, meccano and work tops

In an attempt to continue the clearing out, I am going to tidy my engine room this weekend – so, if you are passing the back of NB Bones, do not be alarmed by the sounds of frustration coming from the engine room as I mould myself into all sorts of shapes to fit into and extract myself from the spaces. Indeed, stop me for a coffee – I will be only too pleased to put the kettle on!

If I make good progress I will take my camera and new binoculars for a stroll across the fields.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Hi thankyou for you message on my blog. Goodluck with the engine bay cleaning! Putting ours off for a few weeks! Hopeing for warmer weather, its always o cold in our engine bay. Dont worry about not reading our blog or links or anything, thats fine. I will still read your blog from time to time. Hope you have a happy new year and happy boating. Lisa

8:53 AM  
Blogger Halfie said...

You got new binoculars as well?

3:34 PM  

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