Saturday, January 05, 2008


We had great fun moving the boats up to the Wide to fill up with water. The one handed bandit did quite a good job reversing back, and managed to arrive as several other boaters decided to fill up with water as well. This worked out well for me, because it meant Maffi was available to give me a hand. You see I am storing something under the water at the moment, and I wasn’t too keen to untie it from the boat and just leave it there, so Maffi took charge of my floating treasure and we hung it on the off side of the towpath. Eventually we moored up with another boat, great fun!

Maffi had special hair for the occasion (and it wasn’t windy!).


Anonymous Mukiwa said...

I hope your underwater treasure is doing what you intend. Regards to Maffi and I look forward to his blogging return. I shall miss him.

4:16 PM  

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