Thursday, August 02, 2007

After the Caen Flight

Once we had all disembarked after our grand voyage down the flight we staggered to the nearest table at theBarge Inn, Seend and spent a couple hours of much needed relaxation. I spotted some members of the BSA Owners Club and quizzed them about the forks on my Bantam which I have been having trouble putting them together. Bottle headed home along with Jims parents and a couple of others, and the rest of us took up a table in the pub. John and Fiona from Epiphany joined us for a pre-dinner drink during which Neil from canal world and of the basingstoke canalpopped in. Neil saw Maffis boat moored up whilst doing a recce (as in reconnoitre) for his family holiday next week and decided to hunt him out. I was convinced that Neil didn't actually exist after several failed attempts (and near misses) to meet up. It was great putting names to faces. The food at the Barge Inn was absolutely gorgeous and we all had a fantastic evening. We were so exhausted we couldn't stay awake and quickly turned into bed afterwards.


Anonymous bottle said...

Exhausted!!!, all you did all day was make a few bacon sarnies and look attractive.:)

6:07 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

Ah but it takes it out of one!!!!


9:46 AM  

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