Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Saturday: Caen Hill

Having discovered the sheer quantity of locks at Caen Hill I felt rather faint, almost as faint as when I discovered that the flight was two hours away, not the original 40minutes I had assumed. Not only that, but I had promised Maffi I would be there by 10. Those of you that know me, know that mornings (or even daylight as my boss suggests) are not my forte.

I was however delighted to discover that I was not the only member of crew.
Here are some of us in the first lock: Jim (on the right) is already overwhelmed and we can't see all the locks yet.

and loads of locks and more crew: Jims dad is doing a runner on the side:

and his mum is keeping Maffi company on the stern:

When near the bottom I took a photograph looking up the flight.....

I disappeared into the kitchen to make some delicious sandwiches for the faithful crew. Bacon, or Bacon and egg were on offer and I found some bread on the side which I used.... it was only later that Maffi asked me which bread I had used and pointed out that that was the one for the ducks and was a bit mouldy...OOOOPS. I did wonder why no-one wanted a second sandwich - sorry guys!!!!!!

and then I took to the stern while the boys worked hard, and everyone else sat on the boat (recovering from lunch I suppose):

and I tried to get Allan wet

We were only too pleased when we made it to the pub and could relax. Milly M looks totally exhausted in the trees.


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