Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today: Friendships

The death of a child is heart breaking, and the funerals are soul destroying; I have just been to James' and I simply cannot imagine the horror the family must be going through. Although the funeral was difficult and traumatic, it was also a tribute to a well loved, and loving young lad, offered by many many people. There was a real sense of the horror of the situation, but also the amazing value of friendship. As I stood at the back with a chum from the CMA (christian motorcycle association) looking across at all the friends and family I was reminded how important friends are and that at times likes this your friends carry and support you.

The value of friendship and the support that comes with it is staggering. Friendships are often abused, misplaced, mis-communicated and misunderstood, but it is quite clear they can be the essence of life itself. I am blessed with many friends, some closer than others, but something I often forget is that friends are always there for us, we just have to ask. Asking is often the difficult bit.

My friends are worth their weight in gold. So, to all my friends I raise a glass of fizz and toast your good health and happiness. Thank you.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow and I will tell you all about the weekends trip down the Caen Hill flight, pulling a scout from the canal, dining with friends and other such joys of boating.


Blogger Miss T said...

I'm glad that it all went off OK.

You are a fantastic friend babe.

8:24 AM  

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