Monday, July 23, 2007

A weekend in the *house*

One of the cats failed to turn up for most of the weekend, but finally put a bid in on Sunday evening. The other cat obviously adores me because there was a dead mouse on the doorstep yesterday morning. Both cats are still alive.

Many of my boater chums are wading to their boats after the downpour and subsequent flooding. I feel very fortunate to be looking over the dreary spires from a very high advantage, but I do know that Oxford and Abingdon are in a bad way. The bust river banks have had a huge impact on the community, I am pleased I am not caught up in it, but I do feel for those who are. The boat is moored on floating pontoons so I am sure it is perfectly safe. Having said that, the previous mooring on a pontoon I was on had mooring rings on posts. The rings were fastened around some metal bits which enable the ring to move up with the rising water; but they didn’t actually go up! The back of my boat seemed much lower than I had expected, and after a while I decided to investigate it. The water had risen several feet but the stern rope ring had not moved up the post as it was meant to. Be aware of squared ends on these posts!

The house is situated in beautiful woodland and I find myself feeling as though I am on holiday, after a hectic few weeks since moving back to Oxford, I think I need this rest.

So, day 5 and the boater on land is surviving, the cats are still alive and I now have a dead mouse.


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