Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday - Day 1 in the *house*

Living in a *house* (thanks Alistair for the *'d idea!)

I have just taken up residence in the flat attached to a hexagonal house with a moat. The house was designed by two architects, and lies in wooded gardens on a slope. Everything here is on a slope, peaceful and rather wild like. Being on a slope is rather fun except when parking the car; I put the car in reverse instead of first and nearly backed into the garage (but for a hare’s whisker!) I am feeding the cats while the owner is away, and have taken over a small one-bed roomed apartment attached to the main house. I prefer to live in this small area than the main house as I can make this bit my own. I am not sure how I make somewhere ‘home’ I think that is down to a state of mind rather than things.

I have 3 keys to my section, and anyone who knows me knows that my ability to lose keys is second to none. The difficult thing about this door is that it is one of those that if you go out you are locked out….! Oooops.

I am plugged into mains, using my computer and listening to the radio and the nearest wall is a couple of meters away instead of a few feet. I have to turn a corner to get to the bedroom and there is hot water.

So, boat dweller on land seems to be doing well so far.


Blogger Maffi said...

Dont get too comfortable It will come to an end all to soon!

4:43 PM  

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