Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Last day in the *house*

I have now completed the full 2 weeks in my land lubbing empire and shall return to the narrowboat of peace and tranquility this evening. The cats are still alive, and the house is still intact. This has to be a triumph. Within days I was provided with a mouse offering; a welcome from my feline freinds, but this morning I had another - a vole this time. Is it that they want me to stay longer, or is it a hint - you have arrived, you have conquered, and now it is time to leave. I suppose they think a vole will make me pack my bags before they catch any other endagered species.

House dwelling has been fun, and the setting delightful. I have been surrounded by peace, quiet and woods, hotwater, space and high ceilings. I now have seriously itchy feet and want to return home, go cruising and sit on the bows with a cup of tea.

Home is good thing. I know someone who owns a house and doesn't feel it is 'home' indeed, he says he doesn't really have a place called home. What does home actually mean? I have always felt that home is where I am, in this respect I am very very lucky. Even when I had no-where I still found myself 'at home'. Perhaps it is a state of mind?

Over-all I have enjoyed house-sitting. It is an honour that someone would welcome me into their home when they are away.

So - the land dwelling is going to return to the water-rat lifestyle, and I look forward to catching up with new and old chums.

The down side of house-sitting is that i have missed the experience of being flooded. All experiences are interesting, but I suspect the novelty would have worn thin!


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