Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sunday: Scouts, Water and laughter

After a delicious meal at the barge Inn in Seend on saturday evening I found myself unable to stay awake and turned into bed rather early. Arising on Sunday I continued to read the book (Richard Peltzer) I had found on Maffis shelf, and then sat outside drinking coffee and generally being lazy. In flight entertainment for the occassion was provided by some canoeing scouts and their leaders. The whole view reached its peak when one lady fell in the water and promptly capsized the boat tipping her paddle companion into the drink. Unfortunately I and Maffi found this side wrenchingly funny although Maffi does have a little more decorum (honestly!) than me and managed to stifle most of his laughs. Even if he hadn't my rip roaring gfwars would have drowned him out. We watched eagerly as the other scouts took it in turns to fail to pull the lady from the water (the younger lady was dragged to dry land fairly easily). In a moment of mercy (see, we do have them!) Maffi and I decided to assist. As we strolled over, one scout told us that the problem was french scouts and English scout leaders and a "language barrier". Maffi and I made our way through the crowd, bent over and hauled the women onto the bank with a 'voila' and left. Unfortunately none of the party found any of the incident even slightly amusing. I think they were having a long long day!

The two women were re-installed into their freshly re-floated vessel and took to paddling. Unfortunately it took them a while to get the hang of it (did they ever) and spent quite a long time going from one bank to the other. Every time the boat hit the bank, or the boat (on opposite sides) the younger of the two exclaimed that it was impossible. They kept at it though - good on them!

There is nowt so fun as messing about in boats, and I think these two french scouts should receive a medal for doing it so splendidly!!!!!


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