Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holidays and home

I have been on holiday for the week exploring the world of the far north. In the process I totally fell in love with Edinburgh - a beautiful city with cobbled streets lined by high victorian buildings. The roads seem to cross over one another in a such a way that one doesn't notice until later; it feels as if one has walked around an MC Esher painting.

I have returned to my glorious water borne residence, and a splendid collection of wood kindly donated by a nearby parish. Yesterday I piled the stove high with my winnings and in the process dislodged one of the metal guards 'oh thats alright' I said to myself and closed the door. I expected this simple action to replace the metal guard, rather like the action of shutting the car boot door on a full load. Unfortunately I had forgotten the front of my stove has a glass panel and as a result of my rather enthusiastic action it cracked. Thankfully the local chandlery had a spare in stock which I will fit tomorrow.

In the meantime may I recommend marks and spencers thermals and woollen hats.


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