Saturday, November 04, 2006


I am very aware that I tend to have several jobs on the go at once, but despite that I started my winter project today and cleared the bathroom of the debris it housed. I had to take some of the wall covering off (too pink for me!), and behind it I was pleased to find insulation and behind that steel work in excellent condition. I have to put up some lining (the pink fake tiled cardboard acted as lining until I binned it) and then I will be able to make the room waterproof. I am not sure, as yet, what to use on the walls - linoleum is rather expensive but environmentally sound (I am not talking of the vinyl stuff!), but I don't have the money for that I don't think. Cork is another option, but I am not keen. I will have to look around.

I have been making some enquiries about solar panels and it seems that I will be able to run my fridge off them if I have 2x 85Wp - I am going to seriously look into this, and possibly purchase 1 panel at least in the next week or so. I have had a kind offer of help to help fit it, and some advise from someone who had theirs fitted. I quite like the idea of having a go myself as they come with instructions.


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