Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beautiful Mornings

What a beautiful morning it is.  The sound of the wood pigeon and the bust of bird song makes for a very relaxing start to the day.  

It is time to move on from our current morning and in the next couple of days Boots and I will head north.  How far we get will depend on how tired we get.

We are travelling with some other friends too who will catch us up (unless they over take us of course!). They have dogs too and we worked out that our work patterns are such that if we all kept together we could look after each others dogs which would be great for them, and for us.  Boots loves it!

 I am starting to get tired with the extra commute but hopefully it will get easier.

It's great being able to move along the system, but working as well is making me a bit more tired - although the beautiful mooring helps!

I am not the only one that get's tired - here is Boots taking is lock duty as seriously as ever....


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