Sunday, May 04, 2014

Grass Cutting

While on the Slipway the grass cutters went by.  I haven’t ever quite understood why so many boaters don’t like the grass cutters – they never seem to leave that much grass on my boat.  However, I totally get it.  This boat was covered – and I suppose it was lucky there were no windows broken. The grass wasn’t cut that well with lots of scraggling long bits.  I now get it – especially if you have just polished/painted/blacked your boat and came back to find this.





Blogger Lisa said...

We had the dreaded strimmers go past our newly polished boat on the S Oxford, they were charming and OFFERED not to cut where we were!
I did say yes please cut it but can you wait till we have cast off (2 mins) which they did.
Sorry bout yours,

6:38 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

some grass cutters are now followed by powerful ''leaf blowers'' well they were on the the Shroppie last FRiday!!
nb pendle warter

10:19 PM  

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