Monday, September 17, 2012

The great City

This day has been in my calendar for quite some time and it was as perfect as we thought it would be.  The morning involved a trip to ‘Animals Inside Out’ exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.   Body Worlds Von Hagens has moved on to the animal kingdom.  I was told all the animals were ethically sourced (whatever that means) and I sincerely hope they were.  The insight into how beautiful, powerful and wonderful the animal kingdom is and how complicated it is is wonderful. The children found it amazing as they peered up at the ceiling trying to view the Giraffes nose and then into the belly of the elephant.  A rabbit of tiny capillaries and the animal world below the skin is magnificent. It isn’t ghoulish; it is beautiful. 

Beneath the fluffy cute exterior of every creature is a refined beautiful interior, just like those non-cute creatures. Very similar across species. 

The afternoon was a trip to the theatre to see Warhorse. It was utterly, amazingly, outstandingly, wonderfully amazingly brilliant. Utterly.  The puppets are incredible and the goose an absolute scream

If you get the chance to go




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