Friday, September 21, 2012

People Spotting

Last time I looked they were on the Thames making their way up stream but when I looked again a mere moment later they were coming around the corner, on foot, having arrived in Thrupp, by boat, and they were wielding an arm full of books while I tried to manoeuvre the dogs on their walk.  We collided and meandered together until we parted company so I could drop Molly off with Maffi and Del could do a terminator impression of Maffi from the otherside of the canal. Happy Days. Del and Al are back!

When I got home I leant out of the side hatch and spotted the Tuesday Night Club floating by on Earnest.  I always picture them in my mind with a boat pole in the midst of a scene that a narrowboat doesn’t seem to fit in… so it was strange seeing them sedately cruising down the Southern Oxford… which isn’t *that* shallow at the moment!



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