Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Weekend with friends

I don’t often arrange weekends with friends, mainly because I am hopeless at organising these things but this weekend I was delighted when my friends thought the idea of a boating trip to the Quarry and back would be good fun.  It was a gorgeous day.  We walked up the hill, heather raced Boots and Adam found a comfortable bench before the ladies found this one.


It was wonderful.

On Sunday my other friend was in the area on a boating trip with his canoe club. He usually lives on the edge of the country so to have him in the county was wonderful.  His canoe club is just like an extended family for him and having heard so much about them it was lovely to see them again and meet other members too.

Ready for launch:


This lovely dog had a bit of trouble getting his crew in order, but soon began to settle downIMAG0115

It was so good to catch up and see the  group heading off down the Thames.

Boots enjoyed seeing the cow standing on another cow:


The Autumn colours are wonderful at the moment.


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