Thursday, October 27, 2011

Extraordinary Day

This morning as I was contemplating the ideal of ‘normal’ . I often do and am rather fond of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band’s quote ‘if that is normal I am going to be a freak for the rest of my life’.  I am fully aware there is no such thing as normal but I was wondering what it actually is to be normal. Just as I was in full throw of thought I noticed a bloke peeing up a tree in broad day light in broad public in the middle of the footpath. His bicycle was hidden discretely behind the tree. Is that normal? I suppose to be liberated possibly is, but I wonder how many of us really are.


That was my first extraordinary sight.

The second was a letter in my pigeon hole at work – not any old letter but a letter from my GP. Sometime ago I decided that I wouldn’t keep going to the Drs surgery about my inability to sleep; not least because I was too tired. Instead I decided I would correspond by letter and told them so.  I just wanted them to make a note that I was still not sleeping and to consider me if anything new came up.  It made it clear that the problem wasn’t resolved but I was just going to live with it, quietly. I felt quite good as I popped it in the post and I never expected a word back. 

Well, the GP has written.  He seems sorry that my insomnia continues as a chronic problem but he has read about a technique that it might be worth discussing. Looks like I will be booking another appointment to discuss it as he suggests.

A letter back – how extraordinary!!!


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