Thursday, October 13, 2011


Catherine, only ever known to me as Windfola – an intriguing character not far from where I live who I had hoped I would meet has died. Indigo Dream did meet her and they write about her here.

This is my favourite post of  Windfola’s in response to someone who was looking for a cruising companion, it has the humour and fun that is beautiful.

I could be interested in doing a bit of cruising while I wait to sell my house and buy a liveaboard. So that could be until next week or next year, depending how long it takes to sell.

My qualifications are;
I am female (well I was last time I looked anyway).
I am not working at the moment.
I am in my forties.
I am not an axe murderer (yet).
I am an over-educated underachiever.
I was well brought up, but am no domestic goddess.
I am not looking for romance.
I would however need to bring my two dogs on board

Now I never will meet her.

I did think about going to the funeral but if she could see all the people that hadn’t met her and who cared it would break my heart to think that were she there she may have wished she knew then before she died.

You just never ever know who will be affected by your death, and often the people who are are the people you never even thought had noticed you. Some of those, sometimes, are the ones that can pull you out of the pit.


Blogger Nev Wells said...


I to read from CWF and other blogs about Catherine. I think you have provided a fine respectful thought provoking epitaph. Such a shame we cannot reach out and let her know how broad her support network could have been. It brings back the recent sentiment Steve Jobs expressed about life and how short it is and how important is is that we look past the dross and seek out our life goals, we (I) just need to be braver to do so...

Thanks for the post,

Nev (NB Waterlily)

2:50 PM  

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