Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a week

The week is 7 days; I can't remember Monday very well at all. It seems ages ago. The week started with the most delightful film 'Midnight in Paris' which is just divine, magical, enchanting and wonderful. It was a great way to start the week, and on my way home I noticed that NB Rock n Roll were in moored nearby but I never quite made it to visit during sociable hours before they were to head off the following day. However the wind was high and they decided to stay an extra night so I was able to visit them after all. It was the end of a very very hectic and busy day so I was rather tired and vaguely on a different planet but it was such a lovely evening: I had a wonderful time hearing about their travels. Thank you guys!

On Friday I headed up to Stourbridge to the canal festival there which was also lovely. I arrived to the crowd of CanalWorld forum gathering for a banter (a group of boaters getting together for a natter) together. It was full of smiles and laughter which was lovely - especially as it was Bazza's birthday. Eventually I retired to bed in the back cabin of NB Cobbett. I had visited Cobbett in the build process but hadn't been to since so it was lovely to be welcomed on board and see it all finished.
On Saturday morning before all the crowds gathered I took a walk. I loved the boats resting on the water as the mist rose and the smoke oozed out of the various chimneys. The foggy haze was beautiful - especially as the moon hung above it in the pale blue autumnal sky. I strayed up onto the road and got a little lost before finding the towpath again and returned to the boat for breakfast.

The festival itself was lovely. Lots of people, boats of all shapes and sizes and a line of lovely cars including a 3 wheeler morgan. By lunchtime I was having reverse cabin fever with all the crowds and felt the need to return to my chambers so I took my leave. I was sorry to leave everyone and miss out on the rest of the excitement but sometimes when you (I) have to go, you (I) just have to go and everyone was very sweet about it. I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone (which would have taken hours) but I know the banter continued with lots of fun!!

I made a couple of stops on my way home and by the time I returned to my boat I was ready for bed. It was a little brisk to say the least - the temperature is really beginning to drop now.

Pictures to follow.


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