Thursday, November 26, 2009

Films from the sick bed

When I was a small and poorly I used to lie in bed listening to the family pottering around the house as they went around their daily business. At break time I could hear the shouts of children playing in the school play ground and think of my friends going about their day.  Throughout the day my mum would come to see me to make sure I had everything and would bring me up lemonade, honey and lemon (with cider vinegar) and other treats that would comfort me and make me feel better. My dad would come in and make noises and I would love listening to him playing the piano.

Now I am a big I don’t have the parental wings to crawl under when I am poorly, but the memories of those times still seem to travel through time and I find myself still wrapped up in them.  Maybe I am soft, or maybe I was just ill all the time and those moments have been imprinted in my brain, but I like it.

So, I am poorly. I am rubbish at being poorly on a boat (and a house), but that is when friends are so brilliant!

On Sunday  Dr Kate Saffin came to visit, it was the beginning of the lurgy, but it was lovely to sit down and have a chat about her recent graduation and while we did so Maffi pointed the RCR man in the right direction.  All week Maffi has been shopping for me, making me lemsips, telling me to sit down and rest and making sure I eat.

On Tuesday night Dusty came over and Maffi, Dusty and I sat and watched what has to be the dullest film any of us had seen for a long long long time. It was the Assassination of Jesse James. Not only was it shot in brown (sepia) it was soooo slow. Indeed, it was so poor that Dusty has lent me some films to watch. There is nothing like a good session of film watching to pass the time and sooth ones brow!


Blogger Amy said...

Aww, hope you feel better in time for the weekend! Glad you have people looking after you. :)

See you soon! x

1:58 PM  
Blogger KG1 said...

Get Well Soon Bones!

hope you feel better for the Big Banter at the weekend!!


4:09 PM  

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