Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Granny and Grandpa

Dear Granny and Grandpa,

Mum says it is good manners to write a thank you letter so I thought I would. I am not sure I am ready to thank mum for the curry she cooked earlier, so I am going to thank you instead. Thank you for my lovely holiday. I think Grandpa's compost heap is splendid

I have a lovely new toy, it is pink, but I think I can live with that because it is really good fun.

Mum throws it once and then I run around with it until I fall flat on my side from exhaustion.

I had a lovely time at Uncle Ians, he has rabbits (or he did) in his garden, and I like rabbit; it looks good in my tummy. I cleared up as much of the fluff as possible, but there was still a few bits in the morning. Mum isn't sure whether I should catch rabbits (uncle Ian does), but I am so fast there isn't a lot she can do about. I wonder if cats taste like rabbit? they look as fury.

I had a nice time at Uncle James' too. He had a go with the cooker. It was fascinating. He forgot my egg though.

I also had a go jumping out of the upstairs window, it was great fun and a nice young man found me and looked after me until mum appeared... she looked very tired muttering something about never having walked up a hill so fast (Uncle James lives on a hill). Poor chap was given a bear hug when she saw him with me. You may wonder why I jumped out the window... I think you would do the same, the wall paint is very very very bright, it is brighter than a bright thing on a bright day in brightsville.

Would you like to know my Christmas list? I need several new leather leads. Mum says I can't have one because I keep eating them, but I don't like the string one, it is a) yellow b) cheap and c) nasty. I keep eating it, but she keeps making more! Perhaps you could have a word?

It was lovely seeing you and playing in your garden with my cousins and having a walk at the abbey with my granny. I love my granny. (I love my grandpa too, but don't tell him!)

Thank you.
Lots of Love


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And..... where...Oh where....Is the picture of me sleeping with Granny? mummy you forgot,that is norty! i will have to chase rabbits now, and make you run fast.


8:45 PM  

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