Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It actually looks like I will make the festival at the weekend! I have a long weekend ahead of me, which means I will be able to arrive in Cropredy on Thursday night or Friday morning. Lazy Days have said we can breast up to them for the weekend which is really kind. Poor Maffi isn't coping well with his crutches and keeps falling over, so I have taken him on my boat to give him a change of scenery.

I am hoping the towpath won't be too muddy so Maffi can get out and about. I think we will be too far away from the village for him to be able to enjoy the music in the local pubs, but we are hoping to be able to borrow a wheel chair which might help manoevering during the weekend. If not he is happy to sit on the boat and fester. Either way, we are both looking forward to the festivities!


Blogger Captain Ahab said...

My best wishes to Maffi. have agreat weekend.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Burra Sahib said...

I too was useless on crutches but do have a wheelchair I inherited from Majorca last year when I bust my leg and ankle.
It is a man size one--it fitted me!--but does have small wheels so needs pushing rather than the incumbent wheel it.
Do you want to borrow it? I am sure we can get it to you somehow

2:45 PM  

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