Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kirtlington Quarry

Another favourite place of mine on the Oxford Canal is Kirtlington Quarry Not only does the trip from Heyford include my two favourite locks, Dashwood and Northbrook, but the tree lined canal is beautiful. Once there we met up with Mark, PJ, Vic and the kids and Charlie and Andy. They all went off to collect wood while I put the table out... Charlies idea of collecting wood is flinging a tree over your shoulder and sauntering back... I like her style!

The following morning Helene of Troy and the good ship Bones headed back to Thrupp. Charlie came with me and Andy went off with Mark. I was rather amused that Mark pointed Andy at the controls to the boat and then went inside leaving him to his own devices! It was rather comical as he disappeared into the distance... even Molly and Boots were fascinated.


Blogger Heffalump said...

That last photo is ace!!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous charrrrrrliieeeeeee said...

i like my style too.
i love the pic of the dogs :)

9:05 PM  

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