Thursday, September 17, 2009


As I mentioned Radcot earlier, and as a few of my friends have had incidents with cows I thought I would mention this ACtually, I was rather brave around cows until I walked in a field of them with Boots at my side. I haven't ever quite left a field so quickly whilst trying to look so casual.


Blogger WeepingCross said...

I just went looking for the reports of the woman who was supposedly trampled to death by cows and discovered that according to the inquest she probably fell against a wall and suffocated, but the incident did spark off a series of stories on Farming Today (which tells you something about my domestic habits) about cows menacing people. It almost invariably happens when there are dogs around and the cows are protecting calves. The advice is to let your dog go and both you and it stand a better chance of getting to safety. Having seen him in action I think Boots is in no danger of being caught by marauding bovines!

11:29 PM  
Blogger John Witts said...

Crikey Bones!
A lucky escape methinks...Did you hear about the incident with David Blunkett, his guide dog and the cows?

Jackie and I have to walk through a field occupied by frisky heifers on the way to the station. It can be tricky......

The advice on the link about standing up to them and showing no fear is only good if you don't have a hound with you. If he's on a lead, I think the S.O.P. is to let him off so he can run somewhere fast (probably Vladivostock in Boots's case). The cows will chase him as he's the threat. You will be fine and untrampled. The only flaw in the plan is you then have to expend many hours/calories finding the dog.....

Beats the heck out of being trampled to death though!

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