Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Granny and Grandpa

This morning has been exciting. At 6am the door opened and two strange men were standing on the front deck so I went to look at them. Not only did they give me lots of fuss, but they have lots of maggots so they must be the fishermen I have heard about. Mum said I should have barked and chased them off, but I think they are going to catch me some kippers for breakfast so that would have been very silly.

Last night the locals went off to Cassington Bike Night where zillions of people turn up to look at zillions of bikes. I am sure I like motorbikes, but I don't want to give mum the impression I do. You see the other day she arrived home with one in the car... in MY seat! Uncle Mark did the usual Hercules thing and hauled it out with his little finger, but even so - it looks a bit of a state. I am afraid I might have to spend lots of time in the garage providing moral support while the bike gets treasured, so I am showing as little interest as possible. I like my bed, and there isn't a bed in the garage. This has to change if I am going to spend time advising.

I went to the theatre last night and made an Alsatian bark at me really really loudly, so loudly, the play talked about it. If that wasn't embarrassing enough another dog I thought was quite friendly pee'd up Maffi's leg! He wasn't amused but mum thought it was hilarious. If I did that I would be sent to the moon! It was quite funny. The play was boring so I decided to eat the tree, and then dig a hole, (not to mention skipping around like a lunatic in the romantic slow song) until I was taken away. I don't think mum was too cross because she saw the theatre company last night and thoroughly enjoyed herself. When we were away in the corner Auntie Mary turned up and we had a chat. I like Auntie Mary - she has lots of dogs and brings us presents. Mum says I have to like people even when they don't bring us presents, but I am not so keen.

Anyway, I like this boating malarkey, but I am missing you. I hope you will come and visit soon.

Lots of licks


Blogger Adam said...

Ah, so that's why there were motorbikes everywhere while I was driving home last night! Alles klar!

9:26 AM  

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