Monday, June 15, 2009


After an eventful week watching PJ preparing his motorbike for the grande trip, and sorting my boat out to receive a visit for the week (Stanley, Marks dog) I was sitting outside recovering when Balmaha went past - I was ever so surprised as I thought they were on the Kennett and Avon still! With Balmaha came Mike and Jo from Sarah-Kate. I like them all! It was especially fortunate because I had just found a Mole and I knew Mike would be interested in it. He told me the bits of 'rice' looking things on the mole skin were flies eggs. Quite remarkable.

I am enjoying having two dogs to mess about with - and I think they are enjoying running around. I loved watching them in the field near my mooring as the pollen was thrown into the air when they ran through the meadow:

On Saturday I headed out onto the Thames with Stanley, Boots and Maffi:

Saturday night saw us having supper in the Watermans arms where we met the crew of No Opinion - they were just like a comedy show and an absolute hoot! They cooked us the most amazing breakfast on Sunday morning and continued to cause us much amusement.

I am now moored in one of my favourite spots. It is so peaceful and quiet with some lovely bird song.


Blogger Captain Ahab said...

I love the pollen trail - like a scene where smoke comes from Wylie Cyote's feet!

9:56 PM  

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