Monday, October 06, 2008

OK, so it is YELLOW

I have been rather reserved about putting some pictures of the dinghy on the web because my passion for yellow precedes me:

"yellow is evil,
it hurts my eyes
makes my toes curl
makes me cry.
580nm is hell on earth
yellow is evil
the devils curse."

and I really do not like yellow AT ALL.

Anyway, it is so much fun, I just have to fess up so here is a picture:

I was delivered, by Maffi, to the bottom of the Oxford canal so I could walk up to work - it is rather fun sitting at duck level cruising along as the mist rising up around one. I am going to put some duck boards at the bottom of the boat, and when I suggested to Ocelot that I would paint it he told me I had other more important jobs to do...! I think he might be right.


Blogger Simon said...

bloody scientist.

A graphic designer poet, of course, would have used the Pantone number (the Magnetic Fields did in one song, but that was for a blue).

1:16 PM  
Blogger saltysplash said...

you have just reminded me of a scary incident in had in a dinghy on the medway....time to get the old vids out and do some blogging.

Hope all is well

5:50 AM  

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