Tuesday, September 23, 2008

daft place to keep a boat!

Do you remember i bought a dinghy? Do you remember I put it on the front of the boat? Well, I came in to make a cup of tea and my gas had run out....

So, I have to move the boat to get to the gas locker. What a stupid place to put it in the first place - the gas locker requires access at all times doesn't it!



Blogger James said...

We've got our bikes on the front of the boat- but, luckily, the gas locker is in the well deck where it takes up a lot of space. Oh, and it's designed to fit some strange size of gas bottle you can only get in Birmingham!

You could of course do what Nelson used to do when sailing into war- put the valuable possessions into the ship's boats and tow them behind- that way, not only would the boat be out of the way, but your valuables would also be safe from any more twunts who wish to ram the good ship Bones!

7:15 PM  

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