Tuesday, September 09, 2008

out in the dinghy

As you know I have been looking for something to go out in so I can explore the backwaters of the Thames and Canals in this area. I have the plans to build my own boat, but so far I have not been successful in finding somewhere to build it as I need somewhere dry for the epoxy to set. I looked into a lockup garage from the council, but the cost of that added onto the cost of making the boat made me think it might be cheaper to buy one! A very kind Graham offered his alotment shed, but it is a foot too short, and I am reluctant to mess about with the plans I have and shorten them. So, I am in stale mate.

Andrew is currently moored down the towpath, and he has a dinghy and outboard so we went exploring down swift ditch - one of the places on my hit list of backwaters to visit.

It was great fun..

we went down narrow places like this:

through overgrown places like this:

and found big places like this:

I had the best time ever! It was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Miss T said...

How about a plastic punt? You could put that on top of NB Bones.

If there are two of you can portage them where necessary too.

11:41 AM  
Blogger nb.bobcat said...

There is nothing so fulfilling than messing about in boats.

And exploring

To do both is sublime

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe a coracle would suit nicely, though they can tip up easily if not experienced.


5:58 AM  

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