Monday, August 11, 2008


Lots of people are talking about speeding boats, and the rules are 'do not speed' 'go slowly passed moored boats'

What is absolutely amazing is people don't understand these simple phrases and translate them to

'it is too difficult to remember to slow down so I shant'

'tie your boat up properly'

'what does it matter'

'I am in a hurry therefore it is ok'

No wonder the world is like it is, the English language seems to have become interpretable according to ones subjective or intuitive decision irrespective of reality. NOT only that, but those that use these strategies get upset when people don't agree with them DESPITE the fact they don't agree with the original statements themselves. They get even rattier if people use the same strategies to interpret their own interpretations to things like:

'I am to stupid to slow down'

'me breaking the rules is your problem, not mine'

'I am too insensitive to care or know why I have to slow down so I won't'

'I am incapable of planning my itinery so it resembles reality and incapable of taking life easy'


Blogger Kate said...

Can't get the hang of this comment thing - may have left several, or none.
Gist of longwinded witter was:
a) most speeding think they have slowed how - probably have relative to whatever they were doing before.
b) hate those rude and arrogant 'what part of slow don't you understand' signs - creeping past in tickover I have too long to read them and am tempted to speed up just to get past.
c) Best ever seen - on a boat in Cropredy (apologies don't the name but thank you for it) 'maintaining full control of your craft at 1.5 knots is an admirable skill and one that is much appreciated by moored boats' - always makes me smile, and pull the throttle back even further.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

Kate's sign spot is right - a bit of wind and I'm more likely to end up being blown into your boat at tickover, rather than just move it slightly at a greater pace. Most of my problems in that regard generally come from waiting for hire boats to work out what they're doing, or what side of the canal they think they're on.

You'd think that anyone who's been on a moored boat when passed at speed by another one would slow down for others, but it just doesn't seem to work like that...

11:28 PM  

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