Monday, August 11, 2008

Cropredy Folk Festival

Putting a tent up is simple and I have put millions up in my time but there was something about Friday night, and putting up a tent, that was just so hilarious it was if I had never seen one before! Having put it up with the doors in the wrong place, then turned it around and put the fly sheet on backwards, and then eventually managed to get it all orientated in just about the right position, we stood back and marvelled at how un-tent like it looked. A bit of twiddling here and there, and a few guy ropes we decided it looked great. Maffi put up the camp bed which reduced the tent from a 4man to a 3 man and stuck out the end so we couldn’t shut the doors - the sight was quite giggle worthy and the whole process had taken about an hour! Nathan (who we borrowed the tent from) probably put it up in 5 minutes when he went to the bulldog event last year, oh well. Declaring it perfect we went off to the pub to meet some chums.

The weekend mapped out into a social whirl of fun, laughter, hilarity and much amusement. Maffi and I make excellent festival companions, not least because he knew most of the acts and could fill me in! We met some fantastic people including Lucky Duck whose blog I have been following as they have dreamt the dream of a narrowboat, purchased one, and then moved aboard. Although I had met Warrior and Co. before it was really good having more time to chew the phat with them. I was delighted when we took tea with them on Saturday afternoon - a most civilised occupation, especially with Sebastian playing his new accordion in the background! On Saturday night we stayed with the Alnwicks, I just love those guys - they are both very quirky, great fun, very down to earth and serve fantastic coffee! Their cat GC is a complete character... all in all a fabulous trio.

Unfortunately the weekend has left me exhausted, but I arrived home in time to get a good 13hours sleep on Sunday, so my batteries are gently getting restored! I am pleased that after all this time I have finally made it to Cropredy. A big thank you to everyone who made it possible, and to everyone who made it such enormous fun! To top it all off I even get to see my friend from 'home' and meet the people she talks about so much, they were a great bunch! Unfortunately we didn't manage to co-ordinate ourselves very well (which I think was me being too scatty!) - Thanks for getting the tickets Claire!


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