Friday, August 01, 2008

Lovely People Friday

Having registered with my new GP I was feeling a little grumpy as I walked home and noticed some people fishing around in the Thames with poles and magnets. It turned out that the narrowboat had caught its sidedoor on a Steamer and it had flipped off and sunk. I picked up Maffi and my magnet and off we went to see if we could help. Two hours later we had found a couple of trees and a couple of bikes, but no door. The owners of the boat called off the search and we retired home disappointed. On saturday morning we made use of some ply I had, and Lol made himself a new side door - and made a good job of it!! The Steamer owner gave them his insurance details, and now they have to get a new door made, but at least their boat is secure in the meantime. They were a lovely couple and despite their mishap they were great fun!


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