Monday, August 04, 2008

Friends DO make me giggle!

I know it is wrong to laugh at others misfortunes but when I received a text from Ian telling me todays top tip I had to laugh. Apparently it is "advisable to check ones beer can for wasps before drinking from it" and such an activity is now on his top 10 list of things to do - my mind boggled. This evening he divulged the sad tale, and my laughter muscles have only just recovered.

On friday afternoon after a hard day at work, Ian and Adrian were finishing their day and back at Ians house. Ian decided a can of beer would be ideal for the afternoon and went in to get one. He came out, put it on the roof of the car, and did something else. He came back out, saw the can on the car and thought 'hmmmm I could just do with a nice sip of that nice cold beer' so he took it, took a nice mouthful, felt something horrid on his tongue and spat it out. A wasp had also felt the need for beer.... The mouthful got spat out.

Unfortunately Ian is rather allergic to wasp stings, so he thought about it and decided to embrace pretentitive measures and concluded he needed some antihistamine. Luckily there was some in the house he went back into the house, grabbed the bottle, and drank the whole lot thinking it was for the kids. AS it is, it was for his wife, so it was full strength after all (so he won't be sneezing for the rest of the year!). Following that he filled his mouth with vinegar.

Poor chap had a rather swollen tongue. His mate Adrian had been everso understanding until he called Ians wife to tell her what had happened and spoke with a lisp.

Ian threw the can out declaring he didn't fancy it after all.



Blogger AJ said...

Your right Bones, we shouldn't laugh; but it's hard not to!
I recall a very similar incident when drinking a can of coke many years ago and I have to say it is not pleasent.

11:25 PM  
Blogger Miss T said...

My poor Grandma was once stung in the mouth by a wasp sitting on a sugar lump (she had the vile habit of drinking her coffee with a sugar lump in her mouth - foreigners!).

The Boy calls wasps Jaspers...I have no idea why.

11:00 AM  

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