Monday, August 18, 2008

Mealworms and Botony

Since the goldfish fiasco I have become an avid botonist but I am a little neglectful. I have a gorgeous Aloe vera plant given to me by the gorgeous Miss T. She said it would save me from kitchen burns, so I liked having it there in the corner. One day I walked into the cooker and burnt my leg. I was a little busy (cooking) so I took a leaf, as directed, and rubbed it furiously on the wound and carried on in the secure knowledge that magic was taking place, and I wouldn't know anything had happened. I still look at the scar and marvel at how profoundly ineffective it was. The plant and I have had a rather odd relationship ever since, and today I noticed it had tried to escape the pot and make a dash for the door. I reunited the departed components and placed them in the sink to inhibit any further rebellion. I have noticed that Aloe Vera remains green even when it isn't watered for long periods of time. Green and utterly pointless.

Aquatic plants are far easier to handle, and far more rewarding - you don't have to water them.

Mealworms on the other hand are proving to be a bit of a bind. They are meant to like apple, but they turned their noses up. They don't like grapefruit, but they do love carrot. Unfortunately they are quite cute to start off with with their little legs at the front of their bodies and their crusty exterior extending beyond its back legs for a substantial distance (in mealworm terms), but the older they get, the bigger they get, and they are beginning to look as though oodles of pus are forming between each segment. I hoped they would be beetles by now, but apparently this larva stage can last 90 - 110 days and they are meant to molt 10 - 14 times! Unless they molt and then eat it, I can safely say mine haven't molted AT ALL.


Blogger Steve said...

If you had some goldfish, I'm sure they would liked to have chewed on a meal worm ;-)

Maybe you're just not cut out to be a parent :-)

11:19 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I just have Manuel the basil plant which I mostly remember to water.

We saw some Venus Fly traps today and thought you'd enjoy keeping them as pets - They feed themselves!

12:12 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Dr B - you have to break or cut the leaf, and rub yourself with the cut end so the liquid soothes your burnt skin. The surface of the leaf is NBG!

8:50 AM  
Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Stick at the mealworms Bones - the beetles are well worth the wait; trust me! They're black and........ OK, I'll shut up now!!

11:33 AM  

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